Wellness Forum – Western Valley Wellness Network

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October 4, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
AYR Motor Centre
105 Connell Park Rd
Woodstock, NB E7M 1M2

Western Valley Wellness Forum

FEATURING Keynote Speakers Jim Diers and Dr. Jack Newman!

Jim Diers is all about building community. Jim has a passion for getting people engaged with their communities and in the decisions that affect their lives. Also featuring Dr. Jack Newman, chief pediatrician for the international breastfeeding center. In 2013 Dr. Newman was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee medal.

Dr. Bill Morrison & Dr. Patricia Peterson – UNB Assoc, Professors – This session will explore practices & approaches for enhancing well-being in school environments. Participants will be introduced to the 2nd edition of the Positive Mental Health Toolkit. The PMH Toolkit provides a means for measuring positive mental health practices.

Trevor Wilkinson – Professional Speaker & Author of Navigating a New Normal – Motivational presentation with poignant and humourous stories that wiill inspire participants to begin their own wellness journey.

Ross Campbell – Subject Coordinator for Physical Health & Education – This session will introduce the framework of Health Promoting Schools and how the community around the school can support & Nurture a process that develops healthy life-long learners.

Kolopehtuwan-Mip/Turning Leaf – Addications, Jail and a Positive Life – Discussion and Panel of Aboriginal Speakers talking about dealing with & overcoming addictions and the consequences of addictions on family friends and life. The panel will talk tough about life after incarceration and inspire others to make choices.
Kolopehtuwan-Mip/Turning Leaf – Aboriginal Sport – Panel on the importnace of sport and the various sporting opportunities available to aboriginal youth. Panel will highlight programs and sucesses of sporting initiatives for aboriginal youth.

Lynn Sweeney graduated from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She then attended Western University and completed her Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) degree in 2010. Following graduation, she accepted a job in Ottawa working in outpatient neurology. In 2012 she moved back to her home province of New Brunswick where she and her family have settled in Fredericton. In 2012, she began guest lecturing at the University of New Brunswick for the faculties of Nursing and Kinesiology. Expectant mothers spend 9+ months reading about how to care for babies and prepare for their arrival. With the primary focus being on the baby, few resources or services are allocated to the mothers to inform, support, and equip them for the postpartum period. This leaves new moms wondering what changes to their body are normal or permanent. Are they coping, healing and recovering as expected? Pelvic floor physiotherapist Lynn Sweeney will address common questions and concerns surrounding postpartum fitness, sex, urinary incontinence, and the role stress, lack of sleep, and hormones have on the mind and body. This evidence-based session is suitable for both health care professionals and the general public.

Laurie Young – Laurie is a consultant with the Wellness Branch of the Department of Social Development. Her role is to help communities navigate the process of creating environments that support seniors to live healthy, active and safe lives and participate fully as valued members within their communities is one of the most effective approaches to address issues related to the aging demographic trend. This guide will be a useful tool for anyone who undertakes an AFC initiative. It provides direction regarding the broad principles and parameters recommended by the World Health Organization, but within a New Burnswick context. The intent is to encourage the AFC movement to take rout in all New Brunswick communities.