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ThetaHealing® Intro Evening

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April 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
492 High St
Moncton, NB E1C 6E9
Anik J. Malenfant

If you are you ready to:

-> Access and trust your intuition so you can align with your soul’s purpose and make powerful purposeful decisions.

-> Effortlessly release limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks so that you are no longer stuck in the past, paralyzed by fear or repeating the same mistakes and free to create the life of your dreams.

-> Discover the limitless tool to create your dream life that all the gurus are talking about?

-> Manifest by accessing the power of the Laws of the Universe so that you can truly experience the universe working for you instead of against you.

-> Utilize empowered Mindset to increase your results and success consistently

-> Enjoy vibrant health to live your fullest life

-> Fulfill your purpose with your tribe and soul family.

Then ThetaHealing may be right for you!

Here’s an opportunity to get a taste of ThetaHealing for ONLY 20$. Yes, you heard me right! But space is limited and registration is required, so get your spot today!

Here’s what you can expect from this evening:

I’ll be sharing basic techniques that we use in ThetaHealing and show you how to use them to increase your connection and clarity to the unlimited wisdom that lives within.

I’ll be educating you about the mechanics and the laws of the Universe and how Science and Spirit meet to create this powerful healing process.

I’ll do a demo of what a typical ThetaHealing session looks like to you can see it in action.

I’ll offer you some general healing downloads to support you in bettering your life.

If this method and process speaks to you, you WILL have an opportunity to sign up for the Full ThetaHealing Seminar at the early bird rate being held May 4 – 6th.

I’ll share with you real-life transformations so that you can have an idea of just how versatile and far-reaching this process is.

Seats are limited subject to availability

Please don’t PM to register and hitting “going” does not hold your seat.

If you are registered and are unable to attend, do us a solid and advise us min. 24 hrs in advance to accommodate those who can! Thanks!

When: April 13 at 6 PM – 8 PM
Where: Downtown Moncton

Upcoming dates ThetaHealing® Seminars
ThetaHealing Basic DNA – May 4 – 6th, 2018
ThetaHealing Advanced – October 12 – 14th, 2018
ThetaHealing Dig Deeper – October 27 – 28th, 2018
ThetaHealing Manifesting Abundance – November 9-11th, 2018

I don’t believe that your journey ends at the end of a weekend, these seminars are the doorway to a new Beginning.

Because I know that these tools will change your life, I want to support you in applying them with as much joy and ease as possible. My seminars come with a complimentary mentorship program and private mastermind group.


About the Facilitator: Anik J. Malenfant, Transformational Guide, Educator & Speaker

In 2013 Anik discovered ThetaHealing®, and her world and healing practice was deeply transformed. It awakened within her an uncanny capacity to hone in on exactly how to hit the delete button on what’s stressing you out and holding your back in your life, increasing your joy, feelings of satisfaction and enjoying the freedom of living life on YOUR terms life.

Discover the engaging, accepting and non-judgmental space created by Anik, and join in with the success that her students and clients enjoy by attaining empowerment, fulfillment and abundant joy.

Anik wants to help you ascend the suffering of “shoulding” and the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome, to transforming your dreams into reality!

Are you ready to set sail for
your Dream Life?

Energy psychology qualifications:
ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced DNA, Manifesting & Abundance Instructor & Practitioner, ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations, SoulMates, Dig Deeper, Family Ties, Rhythm and Game of Life Practitioner, Certified Chios® Master Teacher, Former Chios® Council Member & Reiki Master Teacher